What Are Bateau Bathtubs?

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A bateau bathtub is one of your best places for a luxurious soak. It is capable of holding sufficient water, not just for that relaxing bath, while still being an ideal piece of freestanding bathroom furniture. This type of bathtub offers an impeccable experience to its users. It is also pleasing to the eyes of the user and comes in a broad range of styles, such as the double-ended type. One of the most defining features of this luxurious bathtub is the fact that it feels as if you are bringing in a splash of the old centuries into your home.

That said, the beauty of the bath is that it can also be suited to contemporary as well as traditional bathroom styles. But the freestanding tubs are ideally the best fit in larger bathrooms with sufficient space in them-this is specifically for plumbing reasons. In this blog post by bathroom bathtubs Sydney, we are focusing our discussion on the advent and types of bateau bathtubs.

Understanding The History Of Bateau Bathtubs

Coined from the French word that means boat, bateau bathtubs are the works of a prominent French designer as well as manufacturer known as Joseph Delafon. He came up with the idea in the 19-century when the low class could not get access to quality domestic bathrooms like in the current generation. The idea was also born from the distinctive roll-top of this tub, which is primarily said to look exactly like a bow’s ship. Its symmetry invokes the general shape of a boat.


Therefore, it is pretty much to take the focal point of any bathroom design. For many homeowners, a small bath installed right in front of the fire was what most people could ideally hope for. That made the bateau tubs the best option for higher classes. In the next paragraph, we shall look at the best way to approach shopping for a bateau bathtub.

What To Look At When Shopping For Bateau Tubs

When considering your best bateau tub options, it is imperative to note there are two different main categories: the first option relates to the experience you will have in the bathtub. The second option relates to the space in your bathroom. Let us look at the two best types of bateau tubs, shall we?

Copper Bateau Bathtubs

Copper bateau tubs have an unparalleled patina that exudes an impressive warming glow. It is reminiscent of the past times when people bathed in front of the fire. In that case, the copper baths had to be pretty much light such that they could be carried from one room to the next. Designed entirely from high-quality copper, ours are hand beaten and polished before sealing. This gives the copper baths an exceptional finished look.  

Cast Iron Bateau Tubs

This is a relatively small cast-iron bathtub with a ball as well as claw feet. It is also a freestanding unit with a roll-top base measuring approximately 60 inches long. The cast iron bateau tubs easily fit into smaller spaces. The design comes in a relatively skirted version of the Tweed bathtub. Being a traditional bathtub, it is an ideal centerpiece of a bathroom.



Our old-fashioned bateau bathtubs come with their guarantees. You can always check the individual product pages to confirm. For many items, we provide prompt delivery along with a discounted price that applies to any comparable product.

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