Instructions On How To Make A Flying Bird That Twirls

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Are you interested in learning how to make a bird, mostly with wings that can move? You can create a stunning piece of art with just one square of origami paper if you follow the proper steps. The flapping bird is a transitional origami project that, once completed, will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. You can also make a foldable flying bird toy that flies into the air in a twirling motion or flies like a paper airplane.

Grab Your Paper to Make a Flying Bird.

Use a rectangular piece of paper cut to the size of an A4 for this flying bird. Standard printer paper measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches works just fine. You could also use the paper from a notebook.

Place Your Paper In A Diamond Shape With The White Side Facing You And Turn It Over So That The Back Is Facing You.

  • You want two of the paper’s corners to point in the opposite direction, either up or down. If your piece of paper has more than one color, begin with the color that you want the bird to be facing away from you and down toward the table if your paper has more than one color. You will fold the paper so that the side currently facing down becomes the exterior of the bird you are making.
  • When you have finished, fold the paper in half so the bottom corner meets the top.
  • After this, you will have a triangle.

Repeat Folding The Paper In Half Along The Crease That Runs Vertically.

  • The door must then be opened.
  • After you have folded the paper, bring the flap to the table where it originally was.

The Top Of Your Paper Should Be Folded Down.

  • On a crease that runs horizontally, fold the corner of your paper down.
  • The point of your paper must extend below the edge of the paper that makes up the base of the triangle. The paper should be folded in half along the crease that runs vertically. Because you have already folded your triangle in half, you will already have a crease line that will make this fold much simpler.
  • After you have folded the paper in half, you should turn it so that it is vertical by rotating it counterclockwise 180 degrees.

The Top Flaps On Each Side Should Be Folded Down.

Fold each flap inward, but make sure to leave enough space in the paper bird’s body so you can grab it.

In the middle of your piece of paper, you will notice a shape that looks like a triangle. This is the beak. When the wings are folded down, the top edge of the fold should be at the same level as the top of the beak.

Raise The Wings To Their Raised Position.

  • Fold the wings up while holding the bird’s body so that each wing sits in a horizontal position.
  • You want the shape of your wings to be horizontal.
  • To make your bird spin around, throw it as you would a rocket ship and watch it go around.


Paper that has been recycled should be used whenever possible because it is better for the environment. Pick a wide range of hues from the color palette! When you’re folding origami, every color is a perfect match for what you’re creating. If your wings aren’t moving, try undoing the folds around the tail.

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