Difference between Rubber Hose and Vinyl Hose

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Whether you buy a rubber hose or a vinyl hose, going through the owner’s manual may not really tell you if you have made the best decision. And there is a need to make the right decision when choosing a garden hose. You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning to realize that money invested in a hose is a waste.

Choosing between these two will depend on certain factors that are particular to you. Hence this article has been specifically prepared to provide a comparison between these two. It points out the advantages and limitations of each one, everything you need to make a better choice.

Rubber Garden Hose

A rubber hose is simply a hose made of rubber material. Generally, rubber hoses are known to last longer because of how strong it is. Manufacturers, sometimes, add reinforced polyester or a nylon tire cord to increase its stability.

Its limitations include cost. It is more expensive than the Vinyl hose. It is also heavily weighted and therefore not easy to be moved around. This notwithstanding, it is still very flexible. This is probably why many gardeners fancy them.

The rubber hose has the resilience to carry hot water with fewer chances of kinking. It is also resistant to cracking and falling apart if left under the sun for a long time. They are highly recommended for industrial use.

To get the best out of your rubber garden hose, you should use hose reels. They can keep your hose looking good.

Vinyl Garden Hose

Vinyl hoses usually added with a radial cord as reinforcement, are the cheapest type of water hose. It weighs less than the rubber hose and is easy to carry or haul around.

Its lightweight makes general operation easy. However, it is more likely to kink, crack, and split more than other types of hose. It degrades faster if exposed to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold and if left under the sun for a long time.

A vinyl hose without reinforcements is a cheaper choice in case you are looking for a more affordable piece. The disadvantage here is that they are less durable and more likely to kink, crack, and tangle if exposed to harsh conditions.

Therefore, they cannot even carry hot water. A vinyl hose is a good choice for you if you need a hose for light-duty watering tasks and you cannot afford the other types of hose.

Conclusion: Which One You Should Go For?

The direct answer to this question is a rubber hose. A rubber hose is a better option than a vinyl hose. Although it is a bit pricey and may be inconvenient to use, it is worth the cost at the end of the day.

It is less susceptible to crack, kink and tangle, unlike vinyl hose. Also, they are quite heavy although their flexibility makes up for the heavyweight.

Of course, the verdict above is just one point of view. What this means is that you can always have a different view and pass a different verdict. After all, what interests Mr. A would be different from what interests Mr. B.

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