Is Getting A Hose Reel Worth It?

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A wall-mounted hose reel is meant for keeping hoses arranged In a neat and orderly fashion to keep you from stumbling or tripping over while you work. They are quite useful as they prevent unnecessary injuries that can either extend or put an abrupt end to your cleaning.

There has been some disagreement about the worth of spending money on a hose reel. However, the fact remains that the hose reel is an invaluable asset, in the sense that they not only help conserve your time so that you can channel your efforts more productively, they also assist in prolonging the usefulness of your hose.

Although a lot of cleaning contractors acknowledge the importance of having one around during a job. That’s not to say that the idea of making use of it is generally accepted.

While some find hose reels to be of great importance, others believe that it is plain unnecessary, a waste of money, and an addition to their workload.

Types Of Hose Reels

There are three categories of hose reels

Automatic Hose Reel

These hoses are designed to operate automatically by making use of a spring-loading system.

Manual Hose Reel

Using a manual hose reel requires some physical effort on your part. You’ll have to wind up the hose by continuously turning a crank fitted beside the reel.

Electrical Hose Reel

Electrical reels are simply the easiest to use. They get the job done quicker, without you having to break a sweat.

They work using an electric motor. These hose reels are seemingly effective, especially with lengthy hoses.

Why do you need a Hose Reel?

Having gone over the basics, we’ll now take a closer look to understand the whole point of having a hose reel and the possible benefits of making use of them.

They extend the hoses’ life

Since hoses are generally made out of rubber, it’s only logical to expect them to begin to wear and tear over time, until they are rendered obsolete. When this occurs you’ll have to get a replacement.

Although this should take a considerable amount of time, probably even years. However, continuous stepping and tripping over the hose speed up the process considerably.

Not to mention vehicles constantly driving over them.

The damage might not be visible at the moment. But you’re going to have to get a new hose shortly if this goes on any longer.

However, putting a hose reel to use, considerably extends the usability of the hose. Although, you’ll have to get a new hose later on. But you can be sure that you won’t have to in a very long time.

Productivity boost

A hose reel helps make sure water as well as other forms of liquid can mover freely in the hose without any restriction.

Prevention of injury

As they say safety first. There’s no reason to let a work injury that could have been avoided, render you unable to go on working or take away the feeling of accomplishment after a day’s job.


It’s quite obvious that the pros of having a hose reel far outweigh any reason not to.

Having one around during a job can be quite useful, you can always get one should you ever feel the need to.

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