by Victoria

Hello and welcome!

Are you passionate about DIY, renovations (from furniture to homes), home improvement, doing more with less? If so, you have come to the right place! We would love to help you out!

We are Pam & Victoria. Partners in life, love, and business! We share our home with our grand daughter. It seems only yesterday she took her first steps in Target (how could this not have been Home Depot???) and now getting ready for kindergarten in less than a year. She is the secret for timeless living and keeps us young and moving!

We may not always agree on everything but we do collaborate quite nicely on matters of furniture and home design and build. We are crazy interested in living fantastically with less time and money spent on the process. We love to reuse and recycle when possible. The creativity seems to burst at the seems when blocked in a corner. We get an inspiration from a media source and…boom….we are like how do we do this on a limited budget, quickly, and easily? Then we make it happen. It may not always go as planned but time and experience offer valuable lessons. We hope to inspire you and inform you in way that your DIY experiences are smooth sailing with minimal tidal waves crashing in on you.

Victoria has been hooked on phonics for a long time but more importantly hooked on woodworking, carpentry, and building in general. She has over 30 years of honing the experiences on these crafts as well as exploring some of the other trades including metal, electric, tile, laminate, drywall, roofing, and plumbing. At the moment, her “real” job as an interior builder is with Timeless Travel Trailers customizing Airstreams and other mobile vessels. In her free time, she is offering custom woodworking services!

Pam is finally doing what she loves! After 15 years in law enforcement, her life changed in a heartbeat. A work-related injury thrust her into reconsidering viable career options, Pam chose real estate. Since then, she has several years experience working under a local brokerage. This year, she was able to make the leap into owning her own brokerage. It doesn’t stop there, however. Another of her passions is in the area of design. She studies interior design through a nearby community college and is loving it! Personally moved by modern industrial design has not limited her ability to recognize and appreciate the appeal of other all other areas from cottage to urban and everything in between.

Together, we hope to do some more fix and flip properties. But we have no interest in merely flipping for a quick profit. We feel strongly that our work is our art. We look at each renovation as an opportunity to do the best quality work we can do. To make that piece of furniture or the next home or the next mobile space a thing of beauty without going broke. And that is the catch. How to make something look like a million dollars for not much at all. So, to that end we resist the simple, easy flips and continue mapping out our quest of accomplishing these goals.

So, please connect, share, and enjoy. We hope we can continue to learn from our endeavors as much as we have learned from all of you and the many creative outlets for learning this craft of DIY.


Pam & Victoria

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