Renovation ideas for bathroom vanity cabinets

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The importance of a functional bathroom vanity cabinet in your bathroom cannot be emphasized. The usefulness of these cabinets is even more pronounced if you’re short of ample space in your apartment. However, it’s almost impossible to keep these cabinets in pristine conditions for so long, and a time will come when renovation might suffice. There are various ways to go about the renovation exercise, and getting these steps right could prove pivotal in having a functional cabinet. This article highlights some of those steps to take during the renovation.

Upgrade the door materials

Renovation of the vanity cabinet could be in the form of changing the cabinet doors to more functional ones. One of the reasons why this upgrade is essential is because it allows the optimal accessibility of the cabinet. It’s necessary to have a clear idea of what you want as regards these doors. The choice of doors could vary in terms of lightness as well as color contrast. Upgrading from a cabinet door made with thick and dense woods to light yet sturdy materials could prove to be a masterstroke. Furthermore, the color pattern of the doors should complement those of the bathroom setting.

Replace worn-out handles and hinges

A bathroom vanity cabinet with worn-out hinges is usually a thorn in the flesh. The fact that these bad hinges make it extremely difficult to access things stored in the vanity cabinet makes such scenarios unfathomable. If you desire to replace the hinges, you might have to remove the doors of the vanity cabinet altogether to have close access. Simple tools like hammer, screwdriver, and pliers should help in achieving this purpose.

Add some layers of gloss.

In most cases, your cabinet might still be quite sturdy and not in need of a total overhaul. However, you might have to change the appearance of the vanity cabinet by altering the finish. An excellent way to go about this is either by painting or spraying the surface with gloss paint. If your preferred method is via spraying the surface, it might be a good idea to remove all the items inside the cabinet. Gloss paints do not take a long time to dry up, and you should have your items restored in no time.

Replace damaged parts

Certain parts of the cabinet must have become damaged or even attacked by insects. It’s often advisable to completely replace such parts to guard against a complete collapse in the nearest future. It’s also important to coat the wooden materials to be used to prevent further attacks by termites.

Reface the exterior

Refacing might be needed if the cabinet’s structure is still in perfect shape. Refacing involves changing the style and appearance of the cabinet’s frontal part.

Final thought

Your bathroom vanity cabinets¬†will most definitely need some renovation work done on it at some point in time. This renovation could be as a result of total damage to the vanity cabinet or even insect attack. It’s essential to go about this renovation work the right way; this article helps you with practical steps to take.

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