How to Care for Your Canvas Paintings

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A canvas painting is an artwork done by an artist whereby a picture or drawing of an object is painted directly onto a canvas. It is made from a woven fabric that is tightly stretched. Most people prefer them to the usual picture frame since they make a home or space feel alive and colorful. Canvas paintings have different themes and styles based on the artist’s vision or idea. An example is the African American Art theme, which focuses on African Americans’ identity and culture. In this extract, we look at ways of cleaning and maintaining canvas

Ways of Cleaning and Maintaining Canvas Paintings

When you’ve invested a lot in your artwork, more effort will be needed to keep it in the best condition. They can easily collect dust or become soiled due to frequent contact. There are different types of canvas wall paintings, but the most common are oil-based or acrylic.

1. Cleaning

It is easier to protect paintings from damage and dust accumulation compared to the actual cleaning. As an artist, you can regularly apply varnish on the art to prevent it from external components. Each type of painting has a specific varnish, so pick according to the art. To ensure you don’t seal dirt into the painting, clean it using a cotton cloth soaked in soapy water or olive oil. Paintings, such as acrylic, tend to have grime stuck onto them, and this is a suitable way of getting rid of it. Be gentle, ensuring you don’t break any hard paint. If the grime doesn’t clear off completely, it’s advisable to take the canvas painting to a professional to avoid damage. He or she will use stronger products and will restore the art to its original condition.

For water-based wall arts, avoid cleaning with water as it will wipe off the paint. Use a dry cloth to dust or a brush with soft bristles gently.

2. Maintenance

Taking care of a piece of art should be done regularly. Also, the ways of storage and display must be done with caution to prevent damage.

Over time, canvas, which is made of stretched fabric, becomes loose. To keep it firm, use a spray bottle to spray water onto the back of the canvas. Avoid pouring too much water on it. Leave it out in the sun to dry, and after some hours, it will have retightened. This method is easy for anyone and safe for the painting.

Framing the canvas wall arts is recommended. The frame can be custom-made to your liking and size of the art or ready-made from the shop, which is standard and cheaper. Generally framing, is expensive but saves a lot when it comes to cleaning and damages.

Keep the wall art away from direct sunlight as it causes discoloration and disintegration of the painting. If it must be under the sun, use a glass frame that has UV protection. The downside of this glass is that it reflects light, hindering the art from being seen well. If you’re an artist wishing to sell your piece, you might want to rethink this option and choose what works best.


Canvas wall art paintings are unique pieces where a lot of work has been put into them. It’s vital to maintain their original look. For major damage signs such as aging, involve an art restorer for the best results.

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