Why You Should Upgrade to a Toilet Bidet

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The toilet bidet is one of the must-have devices in the bathroom these days. It does not only have practical features that make the whole bathroom experience more convenient and comfortable. It also has a lot of benefits.

Using a toilet bidet is more hygienic than using toilet paper

Think about it – if your hands get dirty with germs do you think you can simply wipe the bacteria away? You have to clean your hands with water and soap!

So why would you only wipe your bottom with toilet paper?

Your bottom is a sensitive part of your body and it should be treated well to ensure that you have the best hygiene.

Using a bidet sprayer instead of toilet paper is not only cleaner and but it can save you from any further problems that start out with bad hygiene.

Toilet bidets are more environment-friendly

Americans use an average of about 36 billion toilet paper rolls every year. That means more than 10 million trees are being used for toilet paper rolls alone! And that’s just America!

Think of the environmental impact if half of the American households started using bidets. The number of trees that have to be used will go down significantly. Forests can start thriving again.

So, when you install a toilet bidet in your bathroom, you are actually helping out the environment.

Save money by not buying toilet paper

A toilet bidet may seem like a costly upgrade for some but this is not the case. There are a lot of toilet bidet models that cost less than $50. Besides, a toilet bidet actually pays for itself because it allows you to save money since you no longer have to buy so much toilet paper.

Think about it. A toilet paper costs around $10 for about 12 packs. How much does it take you and your entire household to consume a roll of toilet paper?

With a toilet bidet, you no longer have to spend so much on toilet paper indefinitely. The money you get to set aside can be used to spend on something so much better than toilet paper.

Gives a more luxurious feel to your bathroom

If you had a chance to add some luxury in your home, the bathroom is the best place to upgrade. Everyone uses it – even your guests.

Think about it – everyone has a toilet, a shower, a sink, and maybe a tub but not every household has a bidet. You will surely impress any guest that gets to use your bathroom.

A toilet bidet can immediately raise the volume of your home – especially if you go for the more luxurious models.

Helps out with health problems

Toilet bidets can help out people who suffer from health problems such as constipation or hemorrhoids.

Some bidets have specially designed nozzles that can send water inside your bottom for better cleaning. This allows you to flush clean your system from the inside out. Some bidets even allow you to control the water pressure to give you a more comfortable experience.

For those with health problems like hemorrhoids, you probably know how uncomfortable toilet paper feels against your bottom. It has a more abrasive and rough feel. When you use a bidet, cleaning yourself up will be more comfortable. Some models even offer warm water and come with a dryer.

With these toilet bidet benefits, it is time to look at them in a new and different light. Do not miss out on a chance to have a healthier lifestyle. Convert to toilet bidets right now!

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