Does Warm Bath Help With Sleep?

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a woman is doing Bathtub Meditation

Meditation, especially when done regularly, helps relieve stress, increases inner peace and builds resilience. There are different ways in which one can practice it depending on what resources you have at your disposal. One soothing way to do so is to meditate in the bathroom bathtub. This type of meditation combines the known benefits of meditation with those of taking a warm relaxing bath.

Tips And Steps To Follow When Performing A Bathtub Meditation

Bathing in tubs soothes your muscles and provides you with a calming atmosphere that allows you to relax. Bath meditations are best if done at night. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of a bath meditation:

  1. If you are new to meditation, start with short-timed meditations which last about 5-10 minutes then as you progress you can meditate for longer periods
  2. If it’s hard for you to remain focused, try mantra meditation which involves repeating a certain phrase or sound.
  3. Add music and some therapeutic aromas to increase your relaxation

Want to make the bath meditation effective? Follow these steps:

Step I: Make Time

Find a time when you’re sure that there will be no interruptions. Switch off your phone and tell the people who are home not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency. Whatever you need to do for a little “you time” do it – it’ll be worth every minute.

Step II: Use Aromatherapy Bath Products

As you get the bath ready, use scented bath oils or bubble bath with lavender, peppermint or any other scent that you like. These will help you relax and stay more alert.

Step III: Get In And Relax

Once you’re inside the bathtub, your breath should be slower and deeper. Let your stomach rise and fall with each breath instead of the chest and shoulders. This is the natural way of breathing and really helps with stress management.

Step IV: Focus On The Sensations

Focusing on what you feel inside and outside the body helps you to let go of all your thoughts. Keep the mind quiet by focusing on the warmth of the water on your skin and the pressure of the tub against your back.

Step V: Stay In The Present

Redirect your thought to the present if your mind wanders to the past or the future. Continue for a couple of minutes afterward you will feel soothed and relaxed.

Bathtub Meditation

Taking Baths And Sleep

Bathing before bedtime has been proven to improve a person’s sleep especially for anyone who has a hard time getting a decent amount of sleep at night. But when is the perfect time to do it?  For the best sleep, bath about one or two hours before going to sleep. The bath should last about 10 minutes or even less and you’ll still reap the benefits.

Taking a bath before going to bed is a renown sleep remedy because not only does it help us relax but it also causes our body temperature to drop which induces better sleep. Here is an explanation about how that works… When the body temperature drops, blood circulation from the core of the body to the periphery improves.  This is referred to as the “temperature circadian rhythm”

In a nutshell, it’s correct to conclude that taking a bath before bed makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep.

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