Workshop / Garage Build Complete!

by Victoria
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Finally, the shop build is complete! This project really did seem to take longer than forever. In all actuality it took about a year. Not much happened after the temperatures dropped here in Colorado. So, there was about 4 months of down time. I had only one week to go before the building permit expired.

What I learned:

  • Once again, the perpetual lesson: things always take longer to do than I think.
  • Ordering materials and parts ahead of time is only a good idea if there is a safe and dry place to store them. I lost about 10 sheets of 12′ long drywall due to excessive moisture and mold even being covered with heavy duty plastic.
  • Plan on getting help with the big or difficult things. I advertised for helpers on Craig’s list to get help lifting the walls and installing the trusses. I offered a payment per hour. For the most part, this worked out great. Calling available freinds or family might also be an option for you.
  • A little bit of rain is not the end of the world. Things dry out and then I just moved forward. (except with the drywall).
  • If I wanted professional results and the results matter significantly, I would have hired a professional. For me, this is drywall, electric, and concrete. However, I did the drywall in she shop because I’m not to particular on the results for the space like I would be if it were inside the house. I had wonderful experiences with Eddie from The Concrete Guyz, Greg from B’s Electric, and Nestor from Crazy Horse Roofing.
  • Use insulated glass instead of acrylic for longevity, quality, and R value.
  • There is special channel available for the siding to go into. Instead, I caulked the entire perimeter of siding using 100% clear silicone.
  • Everything is heavy!

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