What makes home automation essential?

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Remember how Jarvis from Iron man caused such a rave? Tony Stark’s home was something every tech enthusiast was looking forward to and wondering if this would be possible very soon. Then with Mark Zuckerberg saying in 2016 that he would work on his smart home modeled after Jarvis, more and more people wanted smart homes or at least smart devices in their home.

Some twenty years ago, having a network of devices interconnected to each other that you could control from anywhere would have seemed like some futuristic, expensive technology only for the extremely rich. But today, there are various smart home devices, and there is home automation, enabling your home to run seamlessly on a network controlled by you.

Of course, some groups have reservations saying home automation is not a welcome development, pointing all the things that could go wrong. But the perks far outweigh any disadvantages, so here are some perks of home automation.

Absolute security.

With an automated Home, you can easily check security from any part of your home, even when you’re outside your home. Imagine you are sleeping and hearing a sound outside, or feel someone is trying to get into your home. You can pick up your phone and check the surveillance cameras, or send a command to close the doors and windows, with some systems even picking up the heat signature and picture of the intruder, instead of you leaving your comfy bed to check up things.

Power conservation.

Smart home automation helps to greatly manage the amount of energy you expend in your home. Automatic lights can be adjusted so that immediately you step in or out of a room; the lights go on or off, respectively. Automation can also give you an estimate of how much energy you are making use of, and offer practical solutions on how to minimize waste. Unattended appliances can also be put off automatically, or through your device, so you do not have to softy if you left the electric kettle.

Ample home control.

Have you ever worried about leaving your kids or a visitor home alone because you were not sure what they were going to touch? Smart home automation takes care of that as you can restrict certain functions, devices, and rooms from unwanted persons. It gives you ample control of your home, with real-time knowledge of what is going on at home.

One tap home management.

With smart home automation, you can do everything simultaneously, saving you a load of time and energy. From your device, you can turn off the cooker, switch off the lights, turn off the bathroom heater, and adjust your room temperature, without having to run haphazardly around the house. And you do not have to worry about getting new devices or staying up-to-date, because automation makes it easy for you to upgrade your devices promptly.

Final Thought

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