Guide on How to Take Care of a Garden Hose

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A garden hose is one of the essential tools that a gardener can own. A hose is safely stored in a garden reel to prevent damages. The best garden hose reel is a bit pricy, but it is a good investment. In this post, we look at how to clean and maintain a garden hose.

How to Clean and Maintain a Garden Hose

Caring for a garden hose increases its life span. A hose needs to be washed regularly, especially after leaving the garden, full of dirt and germs. Materials such as rubber are easy to clean, while non-rubber ones have proved to be difficult.

1. Cleaning

It can be done using three different ingredients. They include vinegar, bleach, and essential oils.

a. Vinegar

Vinegar has a powerful odor that disappears after rinsing. Fill a big container with water and add ½ distilled vinegar inside. Put the hose into the solution and let it sit for almost 24hours. Remove it and rinse with clean water for 20 or more minutes.

b. Bleach

Bleach is the most common form of disinfectant. Touching it severally may cause corrosion, so always wear gloves before touching it. Please keep it away from kids or pets, and even plants. Pour ¼ cup of bleach into a bucket with water, place the garden hose in the solution and leave it for about 24hours.

Such ensure germs and dirt debris are soaked out. After the estimated period, remove it and soak it in a bucket containing plain clean water to dilute the bleach. After some minutes, remove and connect to a water source, run water to clean the inner part, and remove the remaining bleach.

c. Essential Oils

These oils are completely safe and can be found in organic food stores. Only a tiny amount is needed to clean the house, and the rest is kept for future use. On a piece of cloth, pour few oil drops and wipe down the hose to kill bacteria. Then give it a rinse for some minutes, and you’re good to go.

2. Maintainance

Cleaning isn’t enough if proper care is not given to the garden hose.

Always drain the hose after use by turning off the water from the source and not the nozzle. This prevents a build-up of water pressure that may result in the bursting of the hose.

Lift the hose carefully out of the garden when done, and don’t drag it by the spray nozzle. If you do so, you weaken the nozzle connection, and weak spots develop.

Avoid direct leaving it under direct sunlight. UV light damages the hose making it crack or rapture.

It would be best if you repaired leaks immediately to prevent them from worsening and keep the water pressure at its best.

Store the hose in a garden reel to avoid loops or knots.


The steps above will help you clean and take care of your garden hose for more prolonged use. Taking the necessary precautions saves your money. You wouldn’t need hose replacement; therefore, you can use that money to invest in the garden or other vital needs.

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