How to choose and apply false nails

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Nails are one of the essential features of female beauty. However, most women are not blessed with attractive, healthy, and strong natural nails. For this reason, false nails (faux ongles) were introduced. These are products that resemble natural nails. They are usually applied to your natural nails using adhesive.

Getting the correct false nail size

Before you even begin thinking about applying the nails, the first thing you ought to do is acquire the nails. Here, you need to make sure you get the correct nail size. Press-on or false nails come in a wide range of sizes. It would be best to get a size that will give you the most realistic look possible. However, some people do not care too much about the natural part of the nails.

Regardless, the type of look you wish to achieve will significantly influence the choice of nail size you make. When choosing the correct size, all you need to do is check the number on the false nails’ back. Note that the sizes will differ depending on the dimensions of your nails. If you have a hard time picking the right size, you can always seek nail art professionals’ assistance.

How to apply false nails

Once you have acquired the nails and checked the sizes, you can start following the steps below;

1. Push back your cuticles

The first step of applying false nails is pushing back your cuticles. You need the nails to look as seamless and natural as possible. For this reason, you need to take care of the cuticles, however small they may be. However, make sure not to use cuticle oil because it could affect the rest of the application procedure.

2. Wash your hands and wipe your nails

The next step is to wash your hands so that they do not have any oil. From there, clean your nails using alcohol or sanitizer. This will eliminate all oil and make sure your nail beds are ready for glue application.

3. File the surface of your nail

You also need to file your nail beds’ surface to create the foundation for applying the nails. The objective is to create friction that the glue will adhere to. You ought to be very careful while doing this least you damage your natural nails in the process.

4. Apply the glue or tape

The false nails come with either nail glue or double-sided tape. If yours comes with glue, you will need to apply the nail glue at the bottom of the false nails and on top of your natural nail bed. Do not use too much glue on your nails. A drop should be sufficient. On the other hand, working with double-sided tape is effortless.

5. Place the false nail

If you are using glue, you need to ensure you place the nails before the glue dries. Position the nail perfectly, then allow the glue to dry fully.


After applying the nails, you can decorate them with various nail art. For instance, you can use nail polish. You will also need to file the false nails to acquire a natural or desired shape.

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